[ What is the Karen Project? ]


Karen Project is huge travel project for spread the HAND STAMP ART PROJECT to all over the world!

Karen who is Foreign Correspondent of HSAP  is traveling many countries to collecting HAND STAMPs from people in around the world by herself!

Her one-year trip was stared since April 2017 from Rio, Brazil and she is going to visit 24 countries by May 2018!

カレンプロジェクトは「ハンドスタンプアートプロジェクト」を世界中に広めるための特別旅企画   です!


ブラジルのリオを1カ国目として2017年4月に始まった旅! 2018年4月終了までに24カ国以上を訪れる予定です。

Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/handstampkarenproject/

instagram     https://www.instagram.com/handstamp.karen/


Traveling for HSAP!